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  • Regular Services

    Pant, T-shirt, skirt hemming 15$+

    Take in or let out waist 25$+

    Taper sides or back 15$+

    Curtain hemming 15$+

    Zipper replacement 20-60$+

    Rip repairs and patching 5-15$

    And more

  • Ladies' formalwear alterations

    Bridesmaid dress 70-100$+

    Prom dress 150-250$

    Mother of the bride dress 70-200$

    Beaded gown surcharge 50-100$

    Wedding dress standard alterations (bust/waist, straps, hem, bustle) 300-500$

    Lace hem surcharge 100$

  • Men's formalwear

    Jacket sleeves hem 50$

    Taper jacket back 45$

    Shirt sleeves hem 40$

    Adjust pant waist 30$+

    Suit pant hem 25$

  • This list is meant as a reference only and is subject to our discretion.

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