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Buckwheat Hull Sleeping Pillows - Travel

Buckwheat Hull Sleeping Pillows - Travel

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Our travel pillow is a favourite of younger sleepers, as well as travellers!

Buckwheat hull travel pillows are made with the same superior raw materials as with all our other buckwheat hull products.

This is our most popular size for use during air travel!  Always stays cool too!

Product Details:
- approx 15" x 9"
- approx 1.5 lb
- muslin inner casing
- Filling:  100% North American grown buckwheat hulls (shells only)
- 100% hemp/cotton blend outer covering with velcro closure

- Inner Muslin case filled with buckwheat hulls:  Lay in direct sunlight to sanitize and deodorize.
- Outer Removable 100% hemp/cotton blend or 100% cotton travel pillow case:  Cool wash and air/fluff dry.
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